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How to Create a Job-Winning LinkedIn Profile

Make your Profile Stand out from the Crowd

In the world of employment, professionals everywhere are taught to have a stellar resume to nail an interview and ultimately the perfect job. But what about your LinkedIn page? Increasingly, employers are moving away from the paper resume and into the virtual stratosphere to nab that idea candidate to meet their business needs.

So what role does LinkedIn play in this transition? A VERY critical one. That is why it is important to maintain an updated, professional, yet engaging profile to catch the eye of the employer. The following few tips will help you create a profile that will put you in the running for any job you seek.

Post a Professional Headshot

One of the first things employers see on LinkedIn is your profile picture. While it is nice to have a fun-loving photo, keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional network. Opt for headshot in professional attire (suits for men and suits and suits or button up blouses for women) with three inch margins and a solid white backdrop.


Add 500+ Connections

Networking is very important in the work world, as who you know can help get your foot in the door. Add at least 2 to 3 professionals daily to your network to increase your profile rankings.


Create an Experience Section that Mirrors your Resume

Employers should be able to read your work experience on your resume and your work experience on your LinkedIn profile and it be identical to each other. If your profile and resume do not match, this will confuse and even concern the employer who has seen both. Take few moments to review and revise both your resume and LinkedIn profile.


List ALL Activities, Honors, Volunteer Work and Interests

Aside from your work experience, a great way to connect with an employer is through your shared interest in sports or your experiences volunteering for the same non-profit. It is these simple add-ons that will entice an employer to interview you over the next candidate. So regardless of when or how long, add these to your profile!


Join LinkedIn Groups

The more actively involved you are on LinkedIn, the more likely employers will be interested in you, try to join at least 20 industry related groups and post on their pages.


Fill Up your Skills Section

Do not limit your experience to the few skills you think you are great at. Even if you worked in Excel for a day, it is still a skill you can bring to the table. Remember the employer wants to know what you can do for them. This is great way to show them that. List at least 40 different skills.


These key changes can transform a common LinkedIn profile into a job-winning page that attracts multiple employers!