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Should I Add This Group To My Resume?: What You Should Keep Off Your Resume

As a resume writer, I have come across some clients who will include information on their resume that is invaluable to them but can be controversial to potential employers. These are often memberships in such organizations as “Black Business Professionals”, “Young Republicans”, “National Muslim Association”, etc.

While organizations such as these are important to be a part of, in today’s world, they can problematic. Why so? Because you may be sending your resume to an employer who may find any or all of these associations offensive, due to personal prejudice. In a perfect world, listing such organizations would be an asset. But the reality is, it gives leeway for employers to discriminate.

The job market is very competitive, and putting such information on your resume means that you may be eliminated from consideration due to a prejudgment from the employer. So in short, leave off any information that gives room to prejudice.