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Common Cover Letter Mistakes

A cover letter may appear to be a thing of the past to some but many employers actually take interest in candidates who take time to create one. So what should and shouldn’t be included in your cover letter? Here are some mistakes to prevent your application from ending up in the ‘rejection’ pile.

Not Doing Your research

With access to the internet, there is little excuse not to know about the company you are applying for, it’s location and who the hiring manager is. Failure to include this information sends the message that you do not care enough about the position to do your homework on it.

Overuse of the Word I

Think of your cover letter as a sales pitch. Hiring managers are more concerned about what you can do for them then simply knowing about what you can do. Using the word I to begin every sentence, or writing just about how great you are comes off as self-centered and takes away from discussing the benefits you can contribute to the company.

Writing a Novel

As stated above a cover letter is like a sales pitch – not a life story. Hiring managers take less than 30 seconds to read a resume and even shorter to read a cover letter. So make is short and sweet.

Adding Too Much Personal Information

Over sharing personal information is not a way to build a connection with an employer. They do not need to know about your leg surgery or the recent mid-life crisis you had that drove you to try a new career. Remember, while it is important add personality, it is essential to remain professional at all times.

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Create an Online Presence That Supports Your Image

Social media has now become a gateway into the workforce, whether recruiters are surfing through LinkedIn to find potential candidates or going on Facebook make sure candidates do not have inappropriate post, it always comes up in the conservation of hiring a new employee. Stay ahead of the trends and off the reject list these recommendations.

Create a LinkedIn profile
Gone are the days when just a PDF resume sent to a recruiter’s email will land a job. LinkedIn has now become a virtual resume.

Evaluate consistency
Does your social media presence support your resume? If not, this could be a big red flag to potential employers. Update all of your profiles regularly and make sure all dates, positional and additional credentials match.

Be Mindful of What Is Posted
Remember you are a reflection of your views, beliefs and images you post online. While you may post all in good fun, the joke could be on you if your personal views are not in good favor of a potential employer.

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How Far Back Should I List Information on my Resume?

Your parents may still be overjoyed with the baseball trophy you received in the 4th grade; and it is awesome that you helped launch a new computer program in 1992. But employers are not concerned with those accomplishments. They want to know what you have achieved as late, and how you positively impacted the companies you have recently worked for. So what’s ‘as of late’ or ‘recent’ you may ask? The last 15 years.

Employers only look at your resume at the most for 30 seconds, so creating a laundry list of everything you have ever done in your life is overkill. Instead, focus on the work experience over the last 15 years that relate specifically to the industry you are seeking jobs in. Not only does it give synopsis your experiences, it also avoids potential judgement from employers who have possible biases about age.

These standards to not apply to awards, volunteer work, certifications, or training however. Those achievements can be listed on your resume, but without a date.

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The Benefits of QR Codes On Resumes

You see QR codes EVERYWHERE – and resumes are no exception. With LinkedIn being so popular, combined with the usage of iPads/tablets for meetings, business seminars, etc., a QR code is essential to allow employers to connect with you – IMMEDIATELY.  You will be notified IMMEDIATELY when they view your profile, and can respond back with a Thank You.  A simple QR code can go a LONG way!  There are specific ways to do this so please contact me if you plan on utilizing this feature.  There are also ways to include a direct link to email you and view your profile – so this is HIGHLY useful.

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Putting Your Professional Past Behind you and Start Fresh

Any professional is subject to making career damaging mistakes, or getting into a pattern that is non productive. But it is possible to recover from these errors and rebuild anew. Start a renewed career by following these steps.

Dump the Negative Thoughts About Your Past
All mistakes aren’t bad, especially if you learn from then. But they become bad when they beat us down and end up defining our careers. Mistakes can cause self-doubt, which can lead to additional mistakes. Separate the negative aspects of your past career from the learning opportunities, and toss all the negativity in the dumpster.

Rebuild Burned Bridges
The mistakes you make can negatively impact a relationship. But it does not have to remain broken forever. Find a common ground in which you and the person can stand on and meet with them to find a solution. This is not a quick and fast process. It may take time to convince them to see things through. But by repairing the relationship, you are opening the door for change and return to a cordial and professional relationship.

Get Organized
How can one rebuild if they are not orderly enough to know where to start? Having a cluttered mess on your desk and in your head distracts you from your goal of revamping your career. It gives the impression that you are not seriously or have the capability to control your work like. Spring clean your work space, you work clothes in the closet, your calendar etc. to help jump board your new career.

Rebrand Yourself
Let’s say you ruined a very important presentation for a client at a marketing firm, and your supervisor was present. Your presentation lost the client and your supervisor is furious. This is not the end however, as you are still employed and still have the opportunity to prove to your boss that you are capable of completing another presentation. Come prepared with an outline that details your new plan to approach a similar situation with greater levels of success. Then, if given the chance, make sure you put everything you’ve got into it and you’ll have that tear all patched up.

So take the opportunity to reflect on your career, clean up any clutter, mend relationships and start brand new.

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Why Your LinkedIn Should Match Your Resume

Think of your LinkedIn (LI) profile as your digital resume. LI profiles should mirror your resume – some people think they should summarize, or add different skill sets, but this is NOT the case!  Like your resume, you are showcasing your top skills, which can lead to a job interview.  Even though it might seem redundant, LI and resumes should be VERY similar, with LI offering a more personal view of colleagues’ endorsements, recommendations, etc. The more information you provide, the higher rankings you will receive, and the more searchable your profile will be for recruiters and hiring authorities.

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