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Should I Wait Until the New Year to Begin my Job Search?

You may hear that the holiday season is a bad time to look for a new job, and how people to put off job seeking until the new year. While this is a common perspective, this means that people seeking the right job during the holidays have an excellent advantage over others, as most people will be on the sidelines, gearing up for the new year. As a result, people who actively seek new employment before the new year begins have an excellent opportunity, and a decided advantage over those waiting. What many see as a time to remain on the sidelines equates to an amazing opportunity for those who move now. So apply now!

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A Little Bit of Confidence Can Go a Long Way

Are you your biggest critic? Do jeopardize opportunities, even though you have the necessary experience and qualifications? Do you struggle motivating yourself to try again after a string of rejections?

Imagine if there was a way to take back that “I can do this!” feeling?

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. Committing to your daily actions that align step by step with your values is a strong reminder that you can achieve one simple thing every day that brings you one step closer to your goals.

Checking off any item on your to-do list won’t do the trick. Your daily goals should meet the following criteria:

You must see how every task fits into your overall path towards your goal or dream. When actions are guided by values, one finds it easier to be motivated and energized, even if the path is difficult, painful, tedious.

Work can be taken so seriously sometimes that we neglect to sit back and have some good ‘ole fun with what we’re passionate about. Having fun while achieving goals has several surprising benefits. Simply ask yourself, “What part of the task can I enjoy?” or “What is exciting about this?” Framing a task as fun can have another bonus – it can help you avoid procrastination.

The task must seem reasonably achievable given your current skill set and resources.

Know exactly what must be done to complete the task.

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How to Answer why did you Leave Your Last Job?

One of the biggest ironies of job searching is how much easier it is to get a job if you don’t actually need a job. Not only that, the ‘why did you leave your last job’ question is daunting to the job seeker. This is one of those questions that much like the ‘what’s your greatest weakness?’ question, you want to answer with enough honesty to maintain your integrity, but probably are not well served by being completely transparent in some circumstances. To make the minefield even more dangerous is the idea to never, under any circumstances, speak ill of one’s former employer.
There are a few multi-purpose phrases you can use to explain your departure that are professional, honest and hopefully will extend the interview long enough for you to establish your qualifications and fit for the position.

For lay-offs
“I realized that the X industry wasn’t the best fit for me, and chose to look for a position that allowed for more X.”

If you just decided it was time to move on
“We came to a mutual agreement that this wasn’t a good fit, and I chose to look for positions more in alignment with my skills and values.”

If you have been let go or if you resigned
“Unfortunately, with the downturn we saw, including the loss of a major contract, the company had to eliminate several key positions, and I realized that it would be in everyone’s best interests if I moved on.”

If you have explained these circumstances and established that you have the skills and abilities for the job, then at the end of the day honesty is the best policy and trust that you will end up in the right job and company if you take the right steps.

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Can Relatives Also Be References?

When references are included in a job application, one about them has never changed you NEVER list family members. This is a major NO NO! The reason is evident – employers know your family members will always give you a good reference (due to bias), and therefore this reference should never be listed. Refer to your friends, neighborhoods, classmates, former colleagues that are now friends, etc.
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Which Resume File Should I Send?

In today’s job search capacity, nearly all resumes are sent via e-mail, which is very convenient, but can pose some serious issues. Sending typical Word or RTF files of your resume can be problematic. This is because these files often become garbled, or lose many graphic elements during email transmission. For this reason, always send a PDF file of your resume. PDF files are preferred because they are literally snapshots or what you see on the computer screen, and it’s very unlikely you will have any formatting mishaps through e-mail transmission. Using a PDF guarantees that what you send is what you see on your screen. In the case many employers request a Word file, it’s best to send both Word and PDF files. This ensures that the resume you send will arrive without any issues. This simple adjustment can move your resume from the reject, to the accept pile.

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How Should I List Accomplishments?

In the world of resumes, just listing accomplishments for the sake of listing them is not enough to secure a job interview. Accomplishments should only be included if they are quantifiable. In other words, a good accomplishment to list would be “Successfully reduced operating expenses by $50,000 in six months, which significantly contributed to the growth of the company.” This accomplishment is backed by numbers, which is effective. Simply listing “Oversaw effective and efficient operations” is too broad. In all, using accomplishments can be an asset to a resume, but only if it is quantifiable. Otherwise, it’s simply fluff, and potential employers can see right through it.

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Save Your Headshot for LinkedIn – Not Your Resume

When clients present me with a copy of their resume that includes their headshot, I automatically suggest they remove it. Why because your resume is an appetizer, not the whole entrée. You want to leave some to imagination. By including a photo, you allow the recruiter to come to conclusions about you, based on your appearance, or other things which can be garnered from a view, such as race, physical characteristics, etc. this is an uneccessary risk that will work against you majority of the time. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, including acting resumes and high-profile salespeople. But, in almost every case, including a picture on your resume is a definite no, and it will hinder your chances of obtaining the position.
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Your Resume MUST Be Perfect!

In a competitive work environment, it’s imperative that your resume does not have any mistakes AT ALL! Your resume is your first impression with any potential employer, and any, mistake on your resume will remove you from consideration, no matter how qualified you are. After all, why would someone hire you for an important position if your resume has spelling and grammatical errors?

Once your resume is complete, check, double-check and triple-check it until you know that it’s perfect. Even have someone check it for you. Your career depends on your attention to detail on your resume, so you must get your resume right and mistake-free. The smallest details can win or lose a job interview, so you must make sure that your resume is excellent, and has no issues, whatsoever.

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