Accountability Partner Service


Job Search Accountability Partner (6 weeks) – $299

  • 1 Job Search Optimization session
  • 6 weeks with an accountability partner
    • Weekly check-in on your job search progress
    • Weekly tips on LinkedIn engagement



Like anything worth doing, a huge part of successfully job hunting is staying motivated. Your Accountability Partner is like a personal trainer for the job search – figure out your goals, set a schedule, and your partner will be right there to check in and pump you up when you need it.

To start, you’ll have a 1-hour session with a Coaching Specialist to set you up with the right tools: search strategies, application tracking tips, setting and schedule, and more. Then, each week you’ll get a check-in from your Accountability Partner to see how things are going. You’ll also receive weekly tips and tricks to refresh your job search when the going gets tough. This service does not include career counseling or in-person calls, but it will pair you with someone to cheer you on as you get closer to your dream job!