Career Coaching I


This unique gig that comes with multiple parts. This is Career Coaching I

  1. Resume review: This is not a content rewrite, but a full review of your professional background, you skills, and your strengths. I will go over how you will look to recruiters and potential employers, how you can sell yourself on the job market, and the kinds of jobs that are right for you!
  2. Learn how to do a comprehensive job search: We’ll go over all the current tools available to locate the kinds of jobs you want, from LinkedIn to zip code searching to strategies I developed from my time as a recruiter. So much has changed even in terms of job titles these days—for example, a Human Resources Manager is now an Orginzational Development Specialist! You could be missing out on SO MANY opportunities because you don’t know how to search.
  3. Set yourself up for success: I’ll share my tips for how to
    1. maximize your chances of getting your resume through the application process and into the right hands! This is a LOT trickier than you think, and I’ll teach you the steps to take to improve your interview ratio.
    2. approach recruiters, managers, and colleagues to build your network and uncover new career opportunities!
    3. create a spreadsheet and stay organized so you can apply effectively to multiple places.

If you feel stuck in your career, clueless in what you want to do, or you just know you can contribute more if you were given the chance, some targeted coaching can be the push you need to get on the right track and moving toward your goals.

Combining my time recruiting, conducting interview prep, and writing resumes, I’ve found more than 10,000 people new jobs. I LOVE helping people find their dream job or transition into the career they always wanted, and that’s what I’ve done for more than 15 years.