Establishing Career Goals


This is a unique opportunity to focus your career trajectory. In this 2-session service, a guidance professional will help you map out your career objectives and requirements to create a plan for success.

In Session One: We focus on setting goals by asking the important questions: What do you want? What do you need? What skills and abilities do you bring to the market?

In Session Two: We take these goals and chart a course to your new career objectives. This includes looking at how and where to apply for these positions, the skills and qualifications you need to get noticed, and review your resume to see if it is ready to get you there.

Additional sessions are available at $150 per session.


To provide focused attention, I often work with Michele Olivier as an Interview Prep and Career Coaching Specialist.

Michele joins My Improved Resume with over 15 years of experience in HR and Recruitment working with industry leaders on a global scale.  She has helped hundreds of people achieve their career goals through her combined expertise as a fully qualified Adult Educator and Career Guidance Professional.  Co-developer of award winning, international training courses that improve the interview and recruitment process for both job seekers and employers, Michele is truly an expert on recruitment from both sides of the desk.  Her impressive list of clients includes industry leaders from retail, IT, engineering, security, non-profit, and finance. Michele’s skills have been recognized for helping managers hire the right candidates, and candidates get the right job in the US and UK markets.

If you feel stuck in your career, clueless in what you want to do, or you just know you can contribute more if you were given the chance, some targeted coaching can be the push you need to get on the right track and moving toward your goals.

Combining my time recruiting, conducting interview prep, and writing resumes, I’ve found more than 10,000 people new jobs. I LOVE helping people find their dream job or transition into the career they always wanted, and that’s what I’ve done for more than 15 years.