Mid-level Career Package – Elite


Mid-Career Package (Elite) – $ 399

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • LinkedIn Worksheet
  • Final polishing and proofing
  • 3 rounds of substantive revision (changes to structure, content, and/or focus beyond minor polishing)
    • First 2 rounds of revision in writing, with option for 3rd round in writing or by phone
    • Additional revisions available starting at $49
    • Updates available starting at $59
  • Thank you note
  • Reference Sheet
  • “Hour with an Expert”: 1-hour session with HR veteran/Career Coach for personalized job search/career support (training, coaching, OR interview prep)
  • 10 Professional Introductions to Top 10 destination employers

Description: If you have been in your field for a few years (3-9) and are ready to grow, these are the packages for you!

** For Career Transitions: Writing a resume for a career transition can be tricky. Reach out directly so we can decide the best plan based on your professional background and industry.

All clients have the option for a 15-minute consultation before work gets started.

Each package includes a new-and-improved, upgraded, ATS-compatible resume focused for your specific job goals; an eye-catching, achievement-based cover letter you can easily adjust to fit specific job postings; and a worksheet with step-by-step instructions to optimize your LinkedIn profile—this means customized content supported by metrics that gives a sample of what you have to offer, grabs recruiter attention, and gets them to reach out for your full story!

Revision policy: After you review your new materials, submit any changes via email first so I can see everything together. I am working with several clients at a given time and generally respond to revision requests in 1-2 business days.

Substantive revisions and updates include changes to structure, content, and/or focus beyond minor polishing after delivery—I try to get everything right the first time, but seeing your brand new resume may get you thinking about other experiences you didn’t include or help you articulate your career focus in a new way. The packages offer different options for those clients who want additional changes or returning clients who need an update or retarget!