Career Coaching


The most important investment you will ever make is in YOURSELF – you deserve both the career and life you have worked so hard for – I would love to make this happen!

Ask yourself: If you invest in “YOU” today, how different would your life be in 15 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year! Your salary will increase, stress will decrease, more time for self-care and loved ones – life as you know it is just starting.

If you’re ready to take charge of your career, read on!
In just 1-2 short weeks, you will gain exponential confidence while applying and interviewing to careers you did not even know existed! My clients interview for 85% of the jobs they apply to – your search will be productive and save you hundreds of hours.

We start with a career strategy session to determine and define your aspirations, and target roles that exceed them. You will get 3-5 potential ways to “pivot” so you can make sure you are making the correct choice.

I will then put together a calendar and roadmap, tracking each step of your process while having it perfectly organized. This includes a “hidden” market that I learned about over my 20+ years recruiting – there is an exciting “career world” when you step outside of job sites!

My favorite part is our weekly check-in sessions, where I’ll be there to make sure you are confident, prepared, productive, and turning interviews into offers! My daughter calls me the job fairy and a cheerleader, but I prefer to “title” this as your accountability partner, motivational coach, and “job searching supervisor” to make sure you are hitting the goals you DESERVE.


What’s included:
• Complete Resume/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Rewrite
• LinkedIn Optimization and training
• How to find “hidden” jobs and Introduction to recruiters to ensure you interview for 85% of the jobs applying to! (Interview coaching is a separate package)
• Weekly sessions to go over your search, struggles, fears and devise solutions. This part is FUN and will keep you in a positive mindset.
• Unlimited email and text support between weekly sessions – I’m open, and as long as I am not writing or with family, I take calls when not scheduled.
• Salary/offer negotiations; you would not believe the things we can have added to your offer – 2nd to seeing your confidence being at an all time high, this is my favorite part!