Director Level Resume Package


As a Director Level leader, many clients I work with find it difficult to know where to begin with their vast experience and how to convey achievements while also demonstrating in the resume the years of success in building, mentoring, leading and guiding large teams to success in new or challenging atmospheres. If you have all the experience, knowledge and skill to lead companies to exponential growth increase, but need some help creating the personal branding that shows it off, this is the package for you.

You receive a keyword and ATS-optimized resume that is clean, content-forward and highlights your achievements, leadership, expertise, education, projects, and awards. Along with your new resume, you will receive a document with all the content you need for your LinkedIn Page and numerous tips and tricks to optimize the page to increase your network and get endorsements. This has statistically helped my clients the most in getting noticed, being called for an interview and ultimately landing a job.

Also, you will receive a customizable cover letter highlighting your successes you can use to send to different companies when you apply for new roles.

Whether you are looking for outside opportunities or want to increase your professional networking capabilities and attract key clients, talent or potential partners, the Director Package provides you with the tools to help you attain your goals!

* If you are unsure if this package is right for you, please contact me directly at with your questions. If you attach your current resume, any professional documents, LinkedIn URL (if you have one) and either links or copy/paste job descriptions for the types of jobs you are searching for, I can provide you with a quote customized to your needs!

For Directors and VP level professionals.