Interview Prep


Congratulations, you landed the interview! So . . . now what???

Well, you can calm down and take a deep breath. You’re gonna do great!

Lets start with a Mock interview (1 full session of interview prep): As part of this package, you’ll receive a full transcript of the mock interview that you can use to study and practice. You’ll also get:

-My full critique of your performance and how you can improve for next time

-Tailored resources to help you practice effectively for your interview on your own

-Specific training on how to talk about yourself to hiring committees in your industry:

  1.   5-year plan
  2.   Strengths/weaknesses
  3.   Behavioral interview practice
  4.   Questions to ask your interviewers
  5.   Peer panel suggestions
  6.   How to impress a recruiter

As a recruiter in the “corporate” world, I had a quota to meet, and that means I did whatever I could if I thought my candidate was a good fit.  This includes interview prep, and a LOT of it!  Sometimes, 10+ a day! I took a break while my daughter was young, but she’s in kinder now (time, slow down), and I missed being able to offer this kind of support to my clients. A strong interview can lock you in for the job you always wanted, and I want to help make that happen!

Before I became a resume writer, I was a recruiter – I literally hired people, and I worked on 100% commission, so making sure a candidate did well was my TOP priority. That also means I have trained both candidates and hiring managers on how to interview. I did this for all my candidates (nearly 3,000 people), and then consulted with numerous start-ups and high-profile F100 leaders in Houston, nonprofits, and hospitals, on how to conduct behavioral interviews.

I can’t predict everything the interviewers will say, but I can cover most of the probable areas.

To provide focused attention, I often work with Michele Olivier as a Client Interview Prep Specialist.

Michele joins My Improved Resume with over 15 years of experience in HR and Recruitment working with industry leaders on a global scale.  She has helped hundreds of people achieve their career goals through her combined expertise as a fully qualified Adult Educator and Career Guidance Professional.  Co-developer of award winning, international training courses that improve the interview and recruitment process for both job seekers and employers, Michele is truly an expert on recruitment from both sides of the desk.  Her impressive list of clients includes industry leaders from retail, IT, engineering, security, non-profit, and finance. Michele’s skills have been recognized for helping managers hire the right candidates, and candidates get the right job in the US and UK markets.