Interview Prep


Congratulations, you landed the interview! So . . . now what???

Well, you can calm down and take a deep breath. You’re gonna do great!

This 1 hour session includes:

-Individualized support and guidance on how to answer the most common interview questions.

How to sell yourself and frame your experience to look like the best candidate for the job.

-Expert advice on handling “tricky” situations and tough questions about your background that can arise in an interview.

-Answering any additional questions & concerns you have.

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Before I became a resume writer, I was a recruiter – I literally hired people, and I worked on 100% commission, so making sure a candidate did well was my TOP priority. That also means I have trained both candidates and hiring managers on how to interview. I did this for all my candidates (nearly 3,000 people), and then consulted with numerous start-ups and high-profile F100 leaders in Houston, nonprofits, and hospitals, on how to conduct behavioral interviews.

I can’t predict everything the interviewers will say, but I can cover most of the probable areas.