Mid-level Career Package


If you have been in your field for a few years and are ready to grow, this is the package for you! Whether you are applying to take on a new position with your current company, looking for other opportunities, or want to increase your professional networking capabilities, a new professional profile is going to help get you there!


  • A powerful intro and title easily modified for multiple roles.
  • Creatively summarized, metric-driven highlights to grab attention and make sure your 1st page is AWESOME
  • Full ATS keyword optimization.
  • Clean, industry-praised format delivered in Word, proven to parse perfectly into ATS systems, sleek/modern.
  • Rewriting/improving all content to become accomplishment-driven
  • Ideas to add metrics, as well as other ideas for content
  • Additional information I have as a recruiter that uniquely qualifies you.

Cover letter

  • Highlighting your successes you can quickly customize to send to different companies.

LinkedIn Optimization Worksheet

  • Title, summary/bio, keywords to increase your ranking, and other areas that are “hidden” but make such a huge difference!

* If you are unsure if this package is right for you, please contact me directly at myimprovedresume@gmail.com with your questions. If you attach your current resume, any professional documents, LinkedIn URL (if you have one) and either links or copy/paste job descriptions for the types of jobs you are searching for, I can provide you with a quote customized to your needs!

** For Career Transitions

Writing a resume for a career transition from one field to another can be tricky and often my clients do not know where to start. Maybe you are a professional in your field of teaching but have always dreamed of doing web development and finally finished your coding program, Or you have an exceptional career history with the military and need to address how those skills will translate to a civilian role. Contact me directly so we can decide on the best resume plan.

***Military/Former Military & Educator discounts available!!!!!

Mid-level (3-9 years of experience/mid-level role) package includes a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn optimization worksheet.