From iRobot to “I’m Hired:” How to get your resume read by a real human

Wouldn’t it be nice if job searching felt less like wishfully releasing your resume into the murky depths of LinkedIn and more like a genuine opportunity to connect with someone interested in why you’re amazing at what you do? When you’re unemployed, seeking a pivot, or just looking for an opportunity to elevate your career, shouting your hard-earned credentials into the applicant void is a fast-tracked ticket to job search burnout.


According to 2023 statistics, the average corporate job opening receives approximately 250 applications. However, it’s also reported that 63% of recruiters site talent shortage as the biggest challenge in finding qualified candidates. So, if you know you’ve got the goods to rock a role, and quality talent is allegedly in short supply, why isn’t your voicemail filled to its virtual brim with interview requests?


The talent pool “shortlist:” why isn’t your resume in it?

One major reason you’re having a hard time filling your calendar with eager employers is that your resume isn’t even being viewed by a real human. That’s right: thanks to the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), your resume is being read when you hit “send” on that application, just not by eyes. Data shows that more than 75% of large companies use ATS software to automatically sort, scan, and rank your resume; ironically, studies also show that more than 75% of qualified applicants are rejected by ATS because the software couldn’t read their document.1 If you’ve submitted your resume what feels like hundreds of times to no avail, you’re probably getting booted out at this critical point in the process.


Drop your water guns! There’s an easier way.

Hopefully I haven’t lost you to the fright of an imminent robot invasion, because I promise there’s a simple work-around. In addition to using an ATS-compliant, keyword-rich, and accomplishment-driven resume that you’ve tweaked to mirror your desired role, it turns out the best way to get in touch with actual people is… well, through other actual people.


Exit the job board black hole and enter strategic networking.

While reaching out to recruiters yourself and hoping they accept your connection request is always an option, a more sure-fire way to get your resume on recruiter and hiring manager desks is by having a trusted colleague vouch for your talents.

You may be surprised to know that studies indicate as many as 80% of jobs are found via networking (not job hosting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster) and referred candidates are not only twice as likely to land an interview, but as much as four times as likely to secure the gig!2

The fastest and easiest way to quantum leap from unemployed to sitting down for a coveted interview is to leverage the connections of a well-established professional in the industry. Former recruiters, resume writers, and career coaches are all likely to have a rich network of other recruiters, headhunters, and hiring managers to introduce you to the right person, but with the added bonus of rapport.


Back scratches all around.

The best part is, a recruiter is almost always on the look-out to fill multiple roles. By getting on their radar, they can not only help you get in the interview room for the role you’re interested in, but also keep you in mind for future openings or even connect you to other opportunities where you may be a great fit. At the end of the day, a recruiter is dedicated to helping their client (your potential employer), so by cutting the metaphorical line, you’ll have first dibs on showcasing your abilities directly to the source. Being an amazing — and visible — candidate scratches their back, their employer’s back, and yours (by landing you a job), so networking with them is a win for everyone!

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Invest in yourself to earn more!

It’s also worth noting that a professionally-written resume can boost your earning potential by as much as 32%; if you’re unsure if your resume needs a professional touch, reach out to me here! It’s free to get on my calendar, and I’d love to help you create a roadmap for your next big move.



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Written by Kaitlyn Dewell