Simple Tips To Increase Your Visibility During Your Job Search

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, the more you can do to attract positive attention to yourself the better. Let’s talk about some unconventional ways to get your name out there and increase your visibility to recruiters, hiring managers, and others.

If you want to attract recruiters and help you on your job search, here’s our top tips for increasing visibility with advice that actually works.

First and Foremost, Customize your LinkedIn URL

Did you know that you have the option to create your own URL on LinkedIn? This can be a really very useful way to increase your visibility by putting keywords in your URL.

To edit your URL, visit this link. You’ll want to click the box on the right side that says “Edit your customer URL”.

Choose a URL that is something other than your name. You might want to choose something in your niche, like “SantasHelper” or “ShoppingMallSanta”. Just be sure it’s a term people would search for (otherwise it defeats the purpose!)

Join LinkedIn Groups

Another trick to keyword stuffing is to join LinkedIn groups with your keywords in it. That way, when people search for that phrase, “Santa Helper” your name is more likely to come up. Join related groups as well: Santa Helper, Easter Bunny, Mall Characters, Retail Santas etc. You want to make yourself as visible as possible while still maintaining your relevancy.

Buy a Domain Name with Your Name

In today’s market, you probably won’t be able to get your That’s okay! You can always take advantage of .net, org, .info or even .biz. And if by some chance all of those are taken, get creative. If your name is Jane Smith, perhaps try: or if you’re applying to Santa’s helper jobs. You can also try things like HelloJaneSmith or IamJaneSmith.

Once you have the domain name, set up a simple blog. You don’t even have to update it. But put something up there about yourself: your skills, what you excel at, what you’re interested in. Your thoughts on the industry, your ideas about success. You want to create something that if an employer were to google you, they may come across this site and have their interest piqued.

Create Social Media Accounts for Your Job Search

I always encourage people to put their social media profiles on private while job hunting. But it’s a great idea to create a public-facing account that showcases your interests and skills. This is another way to connect with the brands and business that you’re interested in. Just be sure to keep this public account completely professional–no pictures of your family, your pets, the cocktail you just polished off. Use these accounts to talk about current trends in your market and offer your own brand of thought leadership. Carve out space for your unique voice.

When used well, these tactics can help you make the most of the platforms you’re already on, and help you get recognized. but don’t forget: the best way to increase visibility is to USE these platforms! Interact with others. Post articles, blogs, thoughts, ideas. Comment on other people’s posts. Share their articles. Integrate. yourself into the communities that are important to you, and you’ll naturally grow your network, which naturally grows your visibility.

Happy job hunting!